Why our Franchise Works

Watch our short video and see our PC PAL engineers coming to the rescue of customers:

Anyone taking the opportunity to search for a computer repair franchise which is right for them must assess why the business model actually works. Here are 7 important reasons why our Computer Franchise is a business opportunity you should be serious about!

1. Huge Demand – A Recession Proven franchise!

Computer repair is a fast growing market, and with the new ‘make-do-and-mend’ culture, demand is growing even more rapidly, as people find it less affordable to buy a brand new computer, and get their current one repaired or upgraded instead. The growing ‘silver surfer’ market has opened up more opportunities for our services, together with people growing reliance on computers and access to the internet and email – all this has let to increasing sales even in unpredictable these economic times.

2. Satisfying Customer Demand

There is currently a lack of quality computer repair firms offering the service our customers are demanding. Consumers want someone professional, reliable, knowledgeable, local….someone who offers big company reassurance but treats them with small company service. In essence – the best of both worlds. Now we have developed the PC PAL system to satisfy these demands and you can use it just as we have done to grow a successful business in your own area.

3. High Level of Repeat and Referral Business

Virtually everyone now owns at least one PC – and they unfortunately frequently go wrong! A new virus or Windows update, more data to be lost, new technology to be installed, email accounts to be set up – the list goes on! So, as a PC PAL Franchisee, you can do an excellent job for a customer and they will still need your services on average 3 times a year, for a new problem every time! And of course, they will probably know many other people who also have computer problems so referrals are established ways of growing your business!

4. Low Overheads

PC PAL is not a retail franchise. As most franchisees will operate their business from home, there are no retail/office overheads to worry about. There is very little stock to carry. This is what gives us the advantage over other repair businesses who provide their services as part of an overall retail offer. They either charge very high hourly rates for customers and their margins are much lower.

5. PC PAL’s Trade Secrets

We set up PC PAL to be a franchise business from day one. That’s why we worked hard to ensure that our business format can be operated in any area. We know what works and what doesn’t for this business. We know why our marketing works and why our competitors’ often doesn’t, why our brand is so memorable, why our service is the best and how to keep those customers coming back. Our training covers all our trade secrets to enable your business to be a success.

6. Protected, Memorable Brand

It’s hard to miss our branding! Many people have commented on how distinctive it is, which makes us stand out from the competition. Our logo is also a Registered UK Trademark.

7. Unrivalled Training and Support

As a PC PAL franchisee you will enjoy a high level of systems, training and support to get started in your own business. We equip you with leading industry qualifications, as well as our own PC PAL Training compiled from thousands of hours of real-life engineers’ experience. You won’t find this information anywhere else! Quite simply, The PC PAL Franchise offers you the most comprehensive, proven and best-supported opportunity to start your own profitable business in the rapidly growing home computing and integrated home technology markets.

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