From Redundancy to PC Repair! PC PAL Launches in Taunton!

Local man and former National Sales Manager Jamie Cunningham is set to be your computer’s new best friend as he launches PC PAL, which provides mobile computer repairs to homes and small businesses. Jamie has changed his career to provide this essential emergency computer and laptop repair service to frustrated PC users in the Taunton and Bridgwater areas.

Jamie spent the last 31 years in sales and marketing for large pharmaceutical companies, and in his last role was managing a department of 64 sales reps and 8 managers. However, this came to an unexpected end last year when he was made redundant and was faced with the difficult decision as to what to do next!

“I have always been interested in computers, and completed a Computing Degree in 1978! It was very different in those days; huge rooms with computers operated by punch cards and the occasional terminal,” Jamie reflected.

“My father gave me a Sinclair ZX-81 which he couldn’t get to work, and I went on from there. I learned programming and even created my own games! At work I became the unofficial IT guy for our department, and always looked forward to the IT meetings more than the marketing ones! In more recent years I spent a lot of my spare time building my own PCs and fixing computers of family and friends and, as I wanted to start my own business, this seemed the natural route for my next career path.”

“The PC PAL Computer Franchise attracted me because I felt they offered the complete package that I was looking for; including training, marketing and back-up support, as well as being a proven business model. I would have found it much more difficult on my own but knew that PC PAL would provide the key elements I needed to make a success of my business,” he continued.

Jamie went through rigorous training before launching the business and is now a qualified Microsoft Certified Professional and also has the CompTIA A+ Certification for hardware.

“Although the qualification training was a steep learning curve I felt it was an essential part of the job as well as helping to give me confidence in doing the work,” he said.

‘As I also carry a comprehensive range of spare parts and diagnostic tools it means I can fix most  problems on the spot in the customer’s  home or office which reduces the inconvenience to them of having to remove the PC to another location,’ added Jamie.

PC PAL is fighting back against rogue operators who may be unqualified, uninsured or offer shoddy service. As our customers have testified, some unscrupulous firms are recommending work which does not need to be carried out, misdiagnosing faults or even installing illegal software.

Jamie is looking forward to the challenge of building a successful business by providing an excellent and much-in-demand service in the local community.

“Looking back on it, redundancy was the best thing which could have happened to me,” Jamie commented, “It gave me the push I needed to make a change and start doing something I really enjoy and gives me more personal satisfaction!”

For media enquiries and more information about PC PAL Computer Repairs in in the Taunton and Bridgwater Areas, or a photo opportunity, please contact Jamie Cunningham on Tel: 01823 53 1000 or 01278 31 7000 or email:[email protected]

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