Would it Suit Me?

Watch our video where PC PAL founder Jat Mann was recently interviewed discussing what makes PC PAL work the type of people it would suit:

The beauty of our computer franchise business is that you don’t need experience, just a basic knowledge of computers as an enthusiastic computer user in your personal life. From there, we will train you with all the new skills you need to be a qualified Computer Engineer – including Microsoft Vista (software), CompTIA A+ (hardware) and comprehensive operational and business training.

If you intend to be a Hub Management Franchisee, you need to have good management ability, sales and business building skills, although we will provide you with additional business and staff management training.

We are looking for:

    • Computer enthusiasts who are looking to turn their hobby into a profitable business and a good income.
    • Existing computer engineers who are fed up with working for somebody else and want to earn real money for themselves.
    • Managers who would like to build their own business in the highly lucrative home computing sector – even if they have no experience of computers themselves.

We will make every effort to help you to make a properly informed decision on whether or not this exciting franchise business is right for you. It is in our interest as much as it is in yours that your new business is successful and that it is one that you continue to enjoy and benefit from.

Mobile Or Manager?