Mobile Or Manager?

Once a successful business is created in the first territory, the more ambitious Mobile Engineer may want to expand and build a bigger business across multiple territories, by employing computer Engineers.

Enter the Hub Manager Franchise!

In this business model, we help you to recruit and manage your team of engineers and roll-out the single model business across a wider area. It would also suit non-engineers who want to invest in the computer Repair business but won’t want to be the one repairing the computers!

A Mobile Engineer franchise will directly serve a population of around 180,000. If you work hard you could target around £30,000 turnover in your first year, £45,000 in your second year and £60,000 in your third year.

The Hub Managers franchise gives you the option to bolt-on additional territories to the first Mobile Engineer territory as and when they expand. As soon as engineers are employed, additional PC PAL Management Training is undertaken. Each additional Mobile PC Engineer should contribute about £50,000 to £60,000 each to annual turnover.


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