PC PAL Strip Challenge

You may think you are good with computers but are you fast?  Really fast?  That what PC PALs David and Chris wanted to find out which is why they created the PC PAL Strip Challenge! It’s about the pride of The PC Engineer and a way to really find out who is the best!

The Challenge – see how they did……..

They think they are quick but can you do better?

If you think you can do better, then prove it! All you need is a spare computer, set-up according to the  specifications below,  a video camera and a YouTube account.

  • A graphics card – held in by 1 screw
  • Modem – held in by 1 screw
  • Hard Drive – held in by 1 screw
  • CD Rom Drive- held in by 1 screw
  • Floppy disc drive- held in by 1 screw
  • Heat sink
  • Case fan
  • RAM – 1 stick
  • Power supply – held in by 4 screws, all cables connected to devices
  • 2 x IDE cables
  • 1 x floppy cables
  • Side of case already removed
  • Processor and mainboard are left inside

PC PAL Needs You!

PC PAL needs you to help wipe the smiles off these yellow technicians faces! We invite you to submit your video to You Tube and let us know about it! Add a comment to our You Tube videos with links to your own.

Current Leader Board:

  1. 1:15 Seconds – Chris Gauden (PC PAL)
  2. 1:25 Seconds – David Allen (PC PAL)