Long-time computer enthusiast, Andrew Wright, is to become the new local PC PAL Engineer servicing and repairing computers and laptops in your homes and businesses around the Denbighshire area.

Andrew Wright, PC PAL Denbighshire

“It has been proven that a franchised business has a better survival rate than if you were to start up your own business and let’s face it in this financial climate you need as close to a sure thing as possible! PC PAL has a striking brand logo and a proven track record and looked the right choice for me. I knew that starting up a business takes time and with the help and support of the PC PAL HQ team it has gone to plan.”

Andrew went through rigorous training before launching the business and is now a qualified Microsoft Certified Professional and also has the CompTIA A+ Certification for hardware.

“Confidence in the engineer’s ability is paramount and although I had many years of experience I did not have any Microsoft qualifications. After my training I have more confidence so that when I go to see a customer they will also know that I have been through the training.”

“As I also carry a comprehensive range of spare parts and diagnostic tools it means I can fix most problems on the spot in the customer’s home or office which reduces the inconvenience to them of having to remove the PC to another location” added Andrew.

PC PAL is fighting back against rogue operators who may be unqualified, uninsured or offer shoddy service. As our customers have testified, some unscrupulous firms are recommending work which does not need to be carried out, misdiagnosing faults or even installing illegal software.

Andrew is looking forward to the challenge of building a successful business and providing an excellent and much-in-demand service in the local community.

For media enquiries and more information about PC PAL Computer Repairs in the Denbighshire area, or a photo opportunity, please contact Andrew Wright on Tel: 01745 435 000 or email denbighshire@pcpal.co.uk