John Whitecross - PC PAL Glasgow

Running enthusiast, John Whitecross, is to become the new local PC PAL Engineer servicing and repairing computers and laptops in your homes and businesses around the West End of Glasgow and the surrounding area.

John, who lives in Glasgow, had previously studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies after his under graduate degree, he then worked for IBM for 11 years in Strategic Outsourcing before finding  PC PAL while searching for franchising opportunities online.  “I was looking for the ability to manage my time, workload and business myself, but still benefit from back-up at a national level. I was impressed with the ambition, and the obvious thought that has gone into the branding and the options for expansion in PC PAL” says John.

“I’m excited and nervous at the same time, what I am most looking forward to is solving problems and providing a quality service to individuals that can have a real benefit to their work or leisure activities.  In my previous role in such a large organisation the personal touch was something that I felt was missing.”

In addition to his industry experience, John completed rigorous and comprehensive training before launching the business and is now a qualified Microsoft Certified Professional and also has the CompTIA A+ Certification for hardware.

“As I also carry a comprehensive range of spare parts and diagnostic tools it means I can fix most problems on the spot in the customer’s home or office which reduces the inconvenience to them of having to remove the PC to another location” added John.

PC PAL is fighting back against rogue operators who may be unqualified, uninsured or offer shoddy service. As our customers have testified, some unscrupulous firms are recommending work which does not need to be carried out, misdiagnosing faults or even installing illegal software.

John is looking forward to the challenge of building a successful business and providing an excellent and much-in-demand service in the local community.

For media enquiries and more information about PC PAL Computer Repairs in the Glasgow area, or a photo opportunity, please contact John Whitecross on Tel: 0141 538 0800 or email [email protected]